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Mary Celestia

The fresh citrusy Mary Celestia fragrance opens with the smell of sparkling grapefruit and zesty citrus. The scent of rosewood is complimented by warm amber tones. Finally, the soft notes of rose and orange flower impart the timeless elegance of the original fragrance.

In 1864 the Mary Celestia, a Civil War blockade runner sailing to Charleston, South Carolina, sank off the south shore of Bermuda. In 2011 an international team of Marine Archeologists discovered two intact bottles of perfume embossed Piesse and Lubin London, hidden away in the bow of the 150-year old shipwreck. Piesse and Lubin was a prominent perfume house on Bond Street in London sought after by the world's elite in the 1800's. After careful analysis of the bottles' precious content by drom fragrances, this rare scent was meticulously re-created and renamed Mary Celestia.

Top Notes
  • Grapefruit | Citrusy
  • Bergamot | Fresh

Heart Notes

  • Neroli | Floral
  • Orange Flower | Fresh
  • Rosewood | Woody

Base Notes 

  • White musk | Soft
  • Ambergris | Musk