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3 Wick Mega Candle

by Lohn

Upgrade your candle game with Lohn's limited release of two of your favourite scents, Jura + Erde in this Mega Candle format. These are 3 wick, 20oz and boast a 90 hour burn.

Erde | Amber & Vetiver -  A lush forest at dusk.

Subtle notes of woodsy cedar and spicy-sweet nutmeg mingle with the dark ripeness of fresh figs and earthy-fresh vetiver. Golden amber adds a grounding element. 

Top Notes: Bergamot & Nutmeg
Middle Notes: Cedarwood & Fig
Base Notes: Amber & Vetiver

Jura | Orange & Sandalwood A morning walk on a rainy coastline.

Soothing bergamot gives a citrusy lift to cool, calming eucalyptus, supported by the sturdy richness of sandalwood. Amber adds warmth, and cedarwood brings an earthy depth.

Top Notes: Lemon & Sweet Orange
Middle Notes: Cedarwood & Eucalyptus
Base Notes: Amber & Sandalwood