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The Serum Luxe Duo

by Graydon
Sold out

Correct + Protect with Fullmoon Serum AND Brighten + Hydrate with Superfood Serum

Make a Luxe Serum Smoothie:  Put 2 drops of Fullmoon Serum and 2 drops of Superfood Serum in the palm of your hand and blend with your fingers.

Graydon's water-based Fullmoon Serum will help absorb the healthy oils in the oil-based Superfood Serum (oils absorb better into damp skin). Not only will the oils absorb better, but the vitamin E (in Superfood) will help to boost the function of the vitamin C rich moringa (in Fullmoon) to help maintain the skin’s barrier.

This duo contains:

+ Fullmoon Serum 30ml

+ Superfood Serum 30ml

Valued at $236