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Pregnancy Gift Set

Zoe Organics

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Three of our luxurious pregnancy essentials, nestled in a beautiful, reusable box made from premium recycled paper. A perfect gift for expecting moms: safe, nurturing and delightful products to support her during this special time.

Zoe means “life,” and even more specifically, “life as God intended.” The founder, Heather Hamilton, chose the name Zoe Organics to celebrate the life of her niece, Zoe Anne, the legacy left behind when her sister-in-law passed away in 2009. Baby Zoe was only 3 months old. Zoe Organics seeks to celebrate and cultivate life, and in doing so, honour mamas and babies everywhere.

Why Organic?

Heather is the mother of three, her priority is the health and well-being of her family. Heather began making skincare products in her kitchen after her second baby was born because — “There were just too many toxic or unnecessary ingredients in the personal care products on the market, and not enough of the good stuff!”

From the tiniest newborn to the wisest great-grandmother, Zoe Organics cares about your skin.

Read All of Zoe Organics Company Values


Not all botanicals are created equal. We use only the highest quality botanicals, waxes and minerals, as well as the packaging and containers we source.


You should never have to worry about the safety of your personal care products. We don’t sell anything that we don’t use on ourselves and our own families.


We fully disclose our ingredients lists, and promise the purity and safety of each raw material and component that make up each of our products.


We believe that the best products serve more than one purpose and can be used by the whole family, and that the best containers are functional and reusable.


Our products were created for those who seek simple, multi-functional and effective skincare, easily incorporated into daily routines and adventures.


Sustainability goes beyond recyclable packaging; our commitment extends to every step of our product lifecycle. Less is more; quality is worth it.


We are proud to be forerunners in a growing movement for clean beauty and personal care products. We are innovators, risk-takers and game-changers.


Zoe Organics was birthed from a mother’s love, and love continues to be the driving force behind the brand: love for our families, love for the earth, love for life.

Made in the USA.