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Essential Oil Blended Votive | Casa

Essential Oil Blended Votive | Casa
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Natura Soy

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Use Essential Oils to help balance a mood or set the right energy. Ignite some passion with our Love blend or put a smile on someone's face with the Happiness blend.


Love - Balance and calm with Rosewood and Lavender combined with the rich sensual aroma of Patchouli.

Breathe - Great for clearing up congestion or bringing mental clarity. Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Rosemary..

Casa - A welcoming, warm and inviting blend of Cinnamon, Orange, Nutmeg & Ginger.

Candles can make any moment special. But how special is it really if we’re compromising the quality of the air we breathe just for the sake of creating a little ambiance?

Natura Soy thinks infusing any room or outdoor space with the entrancing aroma and illuminating flicker of light from a beautiful candle shouldn’t have to be so risky.

By swapping out all synthetic ingredients and perfume oils for pure plant-based ingredients these hand poured soy candles will light up your everyday moments in the safest and most sustainable way possible.

An artist at heart, owner Colleen DeSantis’ personal passion for eco-conscious living was what kindled her ambition to begin crafting handmade candles that not only support the health of the environment and her own growing family, but also emanate true brilliance and authentic charm.

All Natura Soy candles are made from pure soy wax — a natural vegetable oil derived from soybeans. In comparison to what’s generally available from other retailers, your average paraffin candle is made from petroleum oil that produces soot containing as many as 11 toxins, including carcinogens toluene and benzene. Plus soy wax is a natural, renewable resource that’s carbon neutral and produces as much as 90 percent less soot than paraffin products. It also emits no known carcinogens.

Natura soy candles are scented using tested essential oil recipes created by a perfumist!

All materials free of pesticides and herbicides and sourced from North America.

Made in Alberta, Canada.