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Holi (Youth) The Oceanic Adaptogen
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Agent Nateur

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h o l i ( y o u t h ) is an adaptogenic blend. Adaptogens are herbs and earth medicines that balance hormones, calm the mind and lower inflammation.

Agent Nateur partnered with Dr. Will Cole, famous Functional Medicine Practitioner, to create this carefully blended formula which harnesses the MAGIC of the sea with the oceanic trinity — Spirulina, Marine Collagen and Pearl along with the tropical adaptogen, Holy Basil. The adaptogenic kingdom is comprised of different PLANT and EARTH medicines that have a balancing effect on the BRAIN, HORMONES and INFLAMMATION levels. h o l i (y o u t h) contains a revered adaptogen of the LAND (holy basil) and SEA (pearl). This powerful blend helps to ensure you are radiating VIBRANT health from the inside out. h o l i ( y o u t h ) helps to balance and DETOX the body and promotes RADIANT, youthful skin while providing a CALM, peaceful effect.


The Benefits of the Ingredients

Holy Basil, known as the "Queen of the herbs" is an ancient adaptogen that helps to balance hormones such as cortisol as well as reduce inflammation throughout the body. It is used to calm anxiety, stress and skin problems.

Pearl Powder (yes, from precious pearls of fresh and saltwater) is an oceanic adaptogen and is used for its calming and mood-regulating effects. Calcium-rich pearl also contains magnesium, amino acids, and a variety of minerals, making it a super beauty food for radiant skin.

Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. This blue-green algae superfood is jam-packed with tons of benefits; it contains more clean protein than beef with a full range of essential amino acids (the ones your body can’t make and you need to get from food). Spirulina also has more calcium than milk and its chlorophyll content makes it a detoxifying powerhouse. It's one of the only plant sources of long-chain omega fatty acids needed for healthy hormones, brain, immune system and skin. Our pure spirulina is harvested from the pristine waters of Hawaii.

Marine Collagen is one of the cleanest and most bioavailable sources of protein. It is also a great way to promote healthy skin, hair, and joints. Rich in glycine, collagen is also great for supporting optimal gut and immune health. This marine collagen is from fresh, wild-caught, deep-sea fish. It decreases wrinkles, hydrates and firms the skin.

SERVING SIZE ( 1 scoop )

calories: 36 
protein: 7.52 grams
sodium: 8 milligrams

Simply stir 1 scoop until dissolved, into hot water, smoothies, tea, or juice to elevate your wellness!

marine collagen* (made from non-gmo wild-caught kosher fish) crushed pearl powder, organic holy basil, organic hawaiian spirulina

*contains fish
These statements have not been evaluated by FDA
If you are pregnant or nursing please consult with your doctor 

Agent Nateur is a privately owned, results-driven natural beauty company committed to sourcing the most effective, pure, non-gmo, non toxic ingredients from Europe and small suppliers in the United States. The founder Jena Covello formulates Agent Nateur's skincare products in Grasse, Paris and Los Angeles. All of Agent Nateur's products are cruelty free. 

The creator Jena, studied natural cosmetics and fragrances in the South of France. She works both by herself and with a French chemist in France to formulate all of her products and sources most of her ingredients in Europe. Each product that she releases is something she originally made for herself out of necessity.  

Jena suffered from a lot of hormone related health problems including endometriosis and after numerous surgeries she decided to take her health into her own hands. The transition to eating organic food and using non-toxic cleaning supplies was relatively easy as products were readily available; however, the search for beautiful, holistic cosmetics and an effective deodorant proved to be futile so Jena decided to make her own deodorant free of aluminum and after mixing different formulas for hundreds of hours in her West Hollywood kitchen, she developed a sample and gave it to all her friends and family. Everyone loved AGENT NATEUR and started asking her to make more — and so she did!

Agent Nateur is certified in Europe which means that their formulas have undergone strict testing for safety measurements.