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Shop Josh Rosebrook Hair Care, it's 35% off for a limited time only! Click the bar to shop now!

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

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Natura Soy Essential Oil blends are unlike anything you have ever had before. Create an in-home haven with luxurious pure essential oil blends and experience the magic of scent.

Each blend is packed with unique, aromatherapy benefits and inspired by gorgeous global adventures to make your space a true retreat.

Sea Green Vetiver

A blend inspired by jade green water lapping at the shore of a drift-wood beach, a place where the sea and the land meet. This scent is watery and light, evoking fluid creativity and peaceful meditative thoughts. Vetiver washes this blend with fresh green notes while lavender and mint bring a peaceful depth to this complex fragrance.

Pacific Coast

he majesty of the Pacific Northwest is brought to life with a scent “road-trip” up the tree lined coast with a buffet of natural smells that is one of the most exciting blends. Warm cedarwood and cypress oils are the backbone, layered with a cool, herbal cocktail of eucalyptus, lavandin and clary sage. Light strokes of citrus peels brighten the heavier tree notes, leaving this blend perfectly balanced. Breathe deep and enjoy the relaxing effects of this homage to the stunning natural beauty of our planet.

Palmarosa Mist

Tropical beachside memories of the Caribbean are crafted with distinct notes of crisp bergamot and sensual ylang ylang. A soft breeze of palmarosa and geranium floats by, washing this blend with woody flora, rose and strokes of lemon peel. This is a uniquely uplifting and energized fragrance, with uncommon floral notes and warm, earthy tones of dried grass and spicy camphor.

Kerala Lime Leaf

The state of Kerala rests on the southern coast of India, with endless luscious green landscapes and swaying palms. Green eucalyptus leaves bring a cool, earthy energy that grounds and calms, while tingly spearmint leaves you feeling alert and energized. The king of this blend, however, is the tangy Kerala lime that bounces, shimmering citrus notes that uplift and inspire.

Island Flora

This blend was crafted to evoke memories of travelling to sun-drenched island destinations where soft flowers cling to the air and you are in a perpetual state of bliss. Delicate tropical floral notes of soothing Blue Tansy and Ylang Ylang are grounded with earthy Patchouli while bright citrusy notes uplift the senses.