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$5 Island Wide Delivery on Orders over $99!

Restoring Eye Routine for Men


Treat wrinkles and reduce dark bags under the eyes using the best Restoring Eye Routine for men. This eye care power duo uses natural ingredients to moisturize, stimulate, and restore the skin under your eyes, revealing your healthiest skin where it matters most.

Morning & Evening

Step 1: Apply a pea sized amount of the Restoring Eye serum for Men (.65 fl oz) to clean, dry skin underneath the eye and around the orbital bone to provide nutrients that restore, tighten, and smooth the underlying layer of skin around the eyes.

Step 2: Once the serum is dry, gently apply a pea size amount of Restoring Eye Cream (.5 fl oz) to hydrate, firm, and brighten the top layer of skin.

If used twice daily as instructed, this routine will last approximately 45 days.