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Essential Flavoured Lip Balm

by Hurraw

The essential lip balm - made with organic and raw ingredients. Vegan.

ALMOND : Nutritious, fresh pressed organic almond oil is the core ingredient in this smooth, creamy balm. Almond Biscotti anyone?

COCONUT : Rich, raw coconut oil enriches the fabulous flavor of this balm and makes it a HURRAW best seller. Not too beachy, a little toasty... coconut perfection.

GRAPEFRUIT : Zesty fresh! Let this pink grapefruit balm invigorate your senses.

GREEN TEA : Organic, cold pressed, emollient green tea seed oil is added to the formula makes this green tea balm a bit different from the rest of the pack - it's exceptionally high in oleic fatty acids.Ceremonial grade matcha green tea is for added antioxidant benefits. 

LEMON : An extra lovely lemony wake up call! Lemon and a smidge of Lemongrass to brighten your day.

LIME : Just like squeezing a lime slice in your favorite summer drink - Persian lime oil lends this lime balm some serious zest!

MINT : Awesome tingle with a crisp, icy scent. A long lasting minty treat for your lips!

ORANGE : Juicy, tangy, sun ripened oranges are what this balm is all about. Talk about uplifting...

PAPAYA PINEAPPLE : This papaya pineapple balm contains papaya seed oil which has loads of moisturizing essential fatty acids and is great for the skin. Papaya seed oil contains the enzyme papain, which is keen to calm inflammation.

VANILLA BEAN : A delicate, dreamy vanilla scent.